How much is the tour?

Tickets for the tour are £35.00 or free for children under 5 years old. We also have a family ticket at £89.00 for two adults and two children. We offer free tickets for registered carers accompanying a full-paying individual which must be booked over the phone by calling the Sales & Reservations Department on 01904 261262. We do not offer concession priced tickets.

When do tours take place?

Tours take place on some Satudays & Sundays throughout the year. Go through to the bookings page to see available dates. Tours take place every 15 minutes between either 9.00 and 18.00 or 10.00 and 15.00, depending on the time of year.

Why are there weekends without any tours?

There are often periods of time when tours are unable to take place due to filming schedules and work taking place on the set in anticipation of major storylines.

Do you get to see the internal studios & sets?

The tour does not incorportate the internal sets as we do not have access to internal studios. This is because of both continuity issues (sets needing to be identical to how they were left so that filming can resume uninterrupted), and also because of any potential spoilers that the sets might give away regarding upcoming storylines! The tour consists of the external live set only.

What do you see on the tour?

The tour incorporates Viaduct Street, Coronation Street, Rosamund Street and the brand new Victoria Street extension. All of the show’s famous landmarks can be spotted including the Rovers Return, Roys Rolls, Underworld and The Kabin, plus a few recent exciting additions!

Can I take photos on the tour?

Absolutely! We really encourage guests to take as many photos as they would like on the tour and give you plenty of time to do so. There is also an optional photograph opporunity outside the Rovers in which an official souvenier photograph is taken of yourselves.

How long does the tour take?

The tour takes between 75 and 80 minutes from end-to-end, starting at the departure point in dock10 and finishing in the same location.  Including checking in for your tour, we advise to leave just over an hour and half to spend at the attraction.

Is there much walking involved?

As an external walking tour, there is a considerable amount of walking involved in the tour. The main section of walking is from dock10 to the set itself, which takes approximately 7-10 minutes to walk a distance of approximately 350 metres. This walk also happens at the end of the tour to return to dock10. Whilst on set, walking distances are considerably shorter moving no more than 20 metres at a time, and move at a slower pace – the only challenge being a few cobbles & uneven surfaces to contend with.

What should I bring with me?

You will receive a pre-visit email informing you of a few handy essentials, but some useful things to bring with you are a waterproof jacket and/or umbrella, comfortable shoes, a warm fleece, a bottle of water and some sunglasses & suncream. Prepare for all weathers as it’s very changeable in Weatherfield, and don’t bring too much luggage or any large bags as they won’t be admitted to the set and we don’t have a cloakroom facility.

Is the attraction accessible?

Coronation Street The Tour is highly accessible. There are no steps or stairs on the tour, the tour guide will move at the pace of the slowest guest on the tour and the main challenge are the street’s hallowed cobbles. These can pose a difficulty for guests using a wheelchair and it is often useful to be accompanied by a friend who can assist in this area. The majority of the tour has flat surfaces for ease of navigation, such as the raised pavements – there’s just a short distance of a couple of metres in which the cobbles need to be crossed. For full accessiblility details, please refer to the Access Statement.

What happens if it’s raining?

The tour will still take place in the event of rain, or any other inclement weather conditions unless we feel health and safety is compromised. Please prepare accordingly for this and check the forecast before departing for the tour. The tour is fully external so guests will be exposed to the elements.